Instruction Manual

Working Smarter, Reporting Faster

Information is king for any equipment business but creating management reports for your board from everyday operational data can be time consuming and arduous, and is often out of date before they see it.  When it comes to auditing, having a system which digitally logs all information against each piece of equipment is crucial, but data management solutions should also provide key decision makers with an up to the minute view of the entire business. 

Instruction Manual

Designed for the Everyday User

Feature-rich doesn’t always have to mean complicated. If well designed, good software should be technically detailed and thorough with an intuitive user friendly front end.


Software that demands more time reading its instructions manual than actually using it to work greatly hinders productivity. As said by Alan Kay, American Computer Scientist “simple things should be simple and complex things should be possible”. At the other end of the spectrum is software that is too simple to undertake complex tasks – the key is finding the perfect balance between functionality and usability.


There is always an underlying fear when getting to grips with new software; that you may accidentally press the wrong button, save over existing crucial documents or even break the system. Whether a new employee getting to grips with embedded organizational tools, or undergoing a company-wide implementation, software needs to be fail-safe to avoid disruptions to everyday business.

Go Global

If you find yourself stuck with a management system that can’t grow with your business, it may be time for a change. Equipment management solutions come in all shapes and sizes, but very few have the flexibility to adapt quickly to meet the demands of complex international activities. As a global company, or one thinking of taking this step, it is important that your operations aren’t held back by the limitations of a basic system.

Asset Management in One Click

All-Inclusive Asset Management

Struggling to gain visibility of group company assets? It’s a common problem for oilfield equipment businesses. End of year financial reporting can be a headache involving time consuming stock audits at multiple locations, and difficulties reconciling operational data with financial records for multiple groups.