Requisition Reporting
Details, details, details – we can’t get enough of them. We also can’t highlight enough how important they are for rental equipment businesses. Our software solution, TRACS, offers a number of requisition management reporting capabilities, so that you can see all of those important details upfront and make the most of them.
Certificates of conformance, costs associated with purchase orders and lists of any outstanding PO’s, instructions for capturing manufacturing costs and serial number lists are only a handful of reports that can be easily automatically generated using TRACS. 
We could list more, but find that seeing reporting capabilities first hand is far more impressive. If you would like a look for yourself at requisition and other types of reporting, register for an online demonstration using the following link.

Selling Rental Equipment

How to Sell Your Rental Equipment

A customer asks if a piece of rental equipment is available for sale, what do you do? The best place to start is by looking ahead to see if that particular piece of equipment is already committed to other orders. If yes, do you have others in stock? Is it popular? Will you need a replacement?

Transferring Equipment

Wherever “B” may be, transferring rental equipment doesn’t need to be complicated. Inter-Company, Inter-Subsidiary and Inter-Field transfers can all be easily administered using one Enterprise Class platform without operational delay.

Our highly efficient software solution, TRACS, facilitates all forms of transfer; between sites, divisions, companies and across geographies. Manage the movement of equipment between branches when there are no commercial implications. Where an Inter-Field transfer is linked with an Order, PO, Requisition or Delivery, TRACS automatically generates and ties in the appropriate information for you.

Costs incurred through transfer of equipment, lists of any outstanding equipment, equipment received and much more can all be reviewed using transfer reports at the touch of a button.
If transferring equipment is a challenge that your rental business faces, book an online demonstration to see where TRACS can help.

Automating Pricing

Let’s Talk About Pricing

How do you charge for a piece of specialist rental equipment? The options are endless; per hour, per day, per week, per month or even as part of a package. When every piece of equipment is different, how can you guarantee the right price with manual administration?

What if you could rent by the joint, foot, metre or even tonne without having to pick up a calculator? With a system that generates quotations, orders and invoices the process is easy. You could even automate the process of emailing quotations to save time.

Using a digital solution, pricing can be used from agreed contracts with accessible paperless copies. If prices do need modified from the original proposal pricing, all changes made are easily actioned and recorded, and are fully auditable.

Lastly, you can always ensure you are protecting your margins by utilizing rate cards and digital pricing calculators. To find out more about automating pricing activities for both sales and rentals, follow the link below.

Avoid Double-Booking Equipment

Have You Ever Double-Booked?

It’s always exciting when a customer makes an order! But with manual data management, it can be hard not to double-book equipment in the moment or accidentally promise a service that cannot be fulfilled. It’s happened to us all before when arranging social plans – but should never happen when managing an equipment rental business.

Digitizing and automating enquiry, order and invoice generation eliminates the chance for this type of human error. Our enterprise class software solution, TRACS, automates the process of searching for and ring-fencing tendered for items. Equipment is then held and cannot be tendered for or re-committed elsewhere until a customer confirms the order – once it’s booked, it’s booked!

To learn more about TRACS’ fail-safe features for equipment rental management, visit our solutions page or request a demonstration to see how we deliver this first hand.

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