User Experience

User Experience is Everything

TRACS regularly reviews its client’s user experience, exploring new ways to improve ease-of-use and considering how to help clients utilize the full functionality of the system. Although traditional text and diagram based user guides have always been available in TRACS in the past, YouTube proves it’s more effective to watch and learn.


Taking a fresh, practical, approach, the TRACS team have developed a website hosting a suite of how-to videos covering TRACS day-to-day activities. The selection of step-by-step videos includes a wide range of topics related to managing oilfield equipment.


The New and Improved “TRACS Help”
Built from the ground up to run on any device, the new TRACS Help is accessible anywhere with a network or cellular connection, even out in the field. The videos last between 2 and 5 minutes and demonstrate core functionality of all TRACS modules. A gallery menu mirrors the TRACS Back Office System Main Menu that users are so familiar with, and a search function has been developed so that locating the required video couldn’t be easier.


As well as a library of off-the-shelf video guides, the new TRACS Help website provides a platform for client specific videos too: this means clients can record how-to guides for their own TRACS related processes. If required, we can help with video production - simply raise a support ticket.


TRACS is currently used in 25 countries and the TRACS Help videos can be produced with narration in any language. We started with English - let us know your requirements: Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Malay, Mandarin?


What Happens Next?
The new TRACS Help website has been launched and is now up and running on all client networks at no extra cost. Videos will be updated in line with all new releases and, as always, are backed by first-class support via the TRACS support portal should further assistance be required.