Enterprise Resource Planning

What Is Three-Tier Enterprise Resource Planning?

Enterprise Resource Planning systems have been embedded in the Energy Industry for well over 30 years as a staple for financial and regulatory business requirements and processes. Does a generic structure built for manufacturing, however, really fit the complex commercial models of the Energy Industry?


When it comes to specialized daily operations that include intercompany supply chains and the management of high spec engineering equipment with unpredictable movements, monolithic ERP alone is simply not enough. Most commonly, “2-Tier ERP” applies where multiple layers of ERP are used together to extend functionality – the consequences of which can lead to even further customization expense. Instead we believe an integrated approach utilizing specialist solutions for your specialist processes, will make the most of ERP investments and can extend functionality to the field. We call this approach “3-Tier ERP”.


01. Tier No. 1 - Corporate
Traditional ERP

Although ERP systems are a reliable backbone for core corporate functionality, a recent study has shown that 90% implementations require customization*; we believe ERP to be one of the biggest IT costs incurred by the Energy Industry because of this.


02. Tier No. 2 – Operations
Specialist Integrated Solution

Bridging the gap between corporate and operations, a second specialist layer complements your existing systems and reduces the need for expensive customization - with swift implementation and effortless integration.


03. Tier No. 3 – Mobile Field Work
Customized Workflow

Taking advantage of developments in mobile technology, you can now access all of your operational and corporate information in one central data hub – anytime, anywhere. Tailored mobile workflows guide the user through equipment and operational tasks and processes whilst streaming information in real-time to the rest of the team.


For more information on “3-Tier ERP”, please visit www.vimeo.com/channels/tracsassets for our short 4-part video series on ERP in the Energy Industry:



*Figure Reference: Panorama Consulting Solutions, LLC. 2016 ERP Report: panorama-consulting.com/resource-center/2016-erp-report/