Advantages of SaaS

Six Advantages of SaaS

Software as a Service can provide a new, efficient way of working for growing organizations and businesses. Here are some of the unique advantages TRACS can bring to equipment management.


1. Reduced Cost
For a number of reasons depending on your organizations setup, choosing a SaaS solution will work out more cost effective than building a solution in house, maintaining your own servers or outright purchasing a monolithic system such as ERP. TRACS works on a per user software licence, therefore you only pay for what you need with no hidden costs.


2. Ease of Installation
TRACS has been designed as an almost off-the-shelf Solution and integration into your systems can be a relatively simple process depending on your requirement, inventory indexing and internal processes.


3. Continual Upgrades
With SaaS, you are never at risk of using an outdated system. With a development team continually working on new product enhancements, you receive updates and upgrades as part of the service ensuring you are always running the latest version.


4. Customer Support
Both online Video User Guides and a team of knowledgeable individuals ever-ready to answer your questions means you will never be stuck for Software Support. Video User Guides are available in multiple languages, supporting global operations.


5. Scalability
TRACS is designed to facilitate growth, whether nationally or internationally. Working on a subscription basis means that as you grow, we simply match your user licenses to requirements. Users can login from absolutely anywhere – even in the field with the help of TRACS Mobile.


6. Collaborative Opportunities
This is what makes us truly unique as Software as a Service providers. Clients are what shape the product, therefore at TRACS we listen to your needs as you develop and grow and work with you to create the perfect solution.