Put Customers First

What the Customer Wants, the Customer Gets

Return business and recommendations are a direct result of happy customers, so what is your equipment rental business doing to ensure the customer journey is commendable? Manual equipment management can be unorganized making Enquiries, Orders and PO processing slow - which all in turn have an effect on the customer.


With a long wait, customers will start sourcing alternative suppliers. In the hectic Oil and Gas industry where deadlines are tight, it is crucial that oilfield equipment is delivered promptly and performing at its best.


We hear horror stories all the time of wrong pieces of equipment arriving on a job, with mismatched drill-collars and the wrong length of drill-pipe. This type of mistake could be down to the simplest human error – illegible handwriting maybe? – but it has the potential to destroy a businesses reputation.


In order to ensure the customer orders from you and gets the exact equipment requested (on time and in excellent condition) you need to reduce the risk of human error and streamline processes for more efficient operations. With the TRACS Back Office System (BOS) you can achieve this by automating the administration of rental operational and financial activities across the lifecycle of any equipment rental project. To find out more visit tracsassets.com/solutions.