Drill Pipe

I say Drill Pipe, you say Drill-Pipe

How do you describe and define particular types of equipment? Is it consistent company-wide? Equipment descriptions make or break the foundation of an equipment catalog with a domino effect against all administrative processes; it can be surprising how something so small can have such an impact on your business.


The problems associated with a mismanaged equipment catalog are endless. Starting with the small inefficiencies, from accidental duplicate entries and disruptive stock takes, all the way up to lost and misplaced equipment which could cost your business thousands. 


The solution is simple - equipment management software that standardizes descriptions and data entry. The ability to create an accurate and consistent description against a specialist piece of equipment could be as simple as selecting pre-defined attributes from a selection of drop-down lists. Eliminating the chance of typing errors and limiting variation in descriptions is at the core of the TRACS SMART Catalog indexing system. Classify equipment by group and sub-group with up to 16 attributes, fully customized to requirements.


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