Four Tips

4 Tips for Sourcing an Equipment Management Software Solution

Spreadsheets have always sat at the core of your equipment rental business, and after many an unsuccessful audit, you’ve realized it’s now time to embed something more robust organization-wide. Congratulations for making it to this step and for considering the next level of digital working – we can assure you, you won’t look back.


When searching for a solution, the vast amount of information and lists of functionality can be overwhelming, so here are our top 4 areas to look out for in an equipment management solution.


01. Industry Specific
It’s important to look for a system which can be customized to your business, but even more important for a solution to be underpinned with a fundamental knowledge of your industry. This is where ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems struggle; they are so generic they require customization almost beyond recognition. To save time and ensure the solution meets your needs, focus on your own area of expertise.


02. Continuity
Choosing Software as a Service (SaaS) over a static alternative ensures the software never becomes outdated. As part of the service, updates will be installed periodically with a development team constantly working to improve the product for you and provide ongoing customer support.


03. Flexibility
Be prepared for growth and make sure you look for a system that can manage local, national and potentially international operations. Consider, can it work across state and country boundaries? Does it support multi-lingual and multi-currency operations? Is it easily accessibly from any geographic location? Can it manage group company assets?


04. Try Before you Buy
If you have narrowed down your findings to a handful of solutions, ensure you make the most of product demonstrations and pilots. This is where key functionality and usability will become clear and the level of customization required can be determined.


Confidence in your data is king! If you can find a system that gives you that confidence in data accuracy, usability and functionality, you’re on the right track. To find out more about our own solution for equipment management, follow the link below.