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Working Smarter, Reporting Faster

Information is king for any equipment business but creating management reports for your board from everyday operational data can be time consuming and arduous, and is often out of date before they see it.  When it comes to auditing, having a system which digitally logs all information against each piece of equipment is crucial, but data management solutions should also provide key decision makers with an up to the minute view of the entire business. 


Key performance indicators could be anything from sales versus rentals per group company or branch, products with the highest rental uptake, repair and maintenance turn around times or equipment utilization analysis. The key is knowing which information gives the most accurate reflection of your organizations operations, and being able to generate this quickly and efficiently.


The TRACS SMART Dash platform is a user-defined reporting tool for all operational information. It configures your operational data into simple reporting templates, allowing you to automatically produce, download and send clear and concise KPI reports to managers and board members as the business dictates.


To find out more about TRACS’ reporting capabilities for equipment management, visit our solutions pages or request a demonstration to see it in action.


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