Advantages of SaaS

Six Advantages of SaaS

Software as a Service can provide a new, efficient way of working for growing organizations and businesses. Here are some of the unique advantages TRACS can bring to equipment management.

High Volume Input
We’ve been taking a look at our own data this month and reviewing the ways in which people are using TRACS. What we found was quite impressive, in some cases, an individual user could be inputting over 500 records a day into the TRACS Back Office System. It’s always great to see users utilizing the system, but this fact alone says an awful lot more about efficient processes.

Put Customers First
Return business and recommendations are a direct result of happy customers, so what is your equipment rental business doing to ensure the customer journey is commendable? Manual equipment management can be unorganized making Enquiries, Orders and PO processing slow - which all in turn have an effect on the customer.

Drill Pipe
How do you describe and define particular types of equipment? Is it consistent company-wide? Equipment descriptions make or break the foundation of an equipment catalog with a domino effect against all administrative processes; it can be surprising how something so small can have such an impact on your business.

Four Tips

Spreadsheets have always sat at the core of your equipment rental business, and after many an unsuccessful audit, you’ve realized it’s now time to embed something more robust organization-wide. Congratulations for making it to this step and for considering the next level of digital working – we can assure you, you won’t look back.