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  • Enterprise Class Software

    Equipment Rental Tracking & Management

    TRACS is an Enterprise Class Software Solution built to offer significant cost savings to those renting, in or out, oil and gas equipment. This is achieved by streamlining and automating the administration of rental operational and financial activities. It applies across the lifecycle of any equipment rental project, from tendering to invoicing.
  • First-Class Features

    Everything to Gain

    Frequent equipment check-ins, check-outs, inspections, repairs, orders and deliveries are extremely difficult and time-consuming to administer manually - TRACS overcomes this challenge by automating and streamlining relevant processes and managing administration efficiently.
  • The Latest Technology

    Expert Resources in the Palm of Your Hand

    Gain real-time visibility of core rental information with TRACS Mobile, offering enterprise-wide benefits to warehousing teams, field workers or offshore staff. Available on any device from tablet to smart watch, and on any operating platform from Android to iPhone, TRACS tailored mobile workflows ensure operational efficiency on the go, on or offline.
  • Cost Effective SaaS

    A Million Dollar Product, for a Fraction of the Cost

    For decades, the Oil and Gas supply chain has struggled to manage rental operations and exert financial control with traditional, generic, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms. TRACS is an off-the-shelf product specifically developed to solve the ERP rental problem. Our subscription-based Software as a Service commercial model is a low cost, low risk alternative to high cost, high risk ERP customizations. TRACS does not replace your investment in ERP - it unlocks it.