TRACS Mobile, One Year On

Launched exactly one year ago today, TRACS Mobile extends the full functionality of TRACS into the field following its partnership with TBS and their award-winning enterprise mobility platform, TaskMaster. Dr Derek Austin, Director of TRACS Assets Ltd, explains how TRACS Mobile first originated and where it has taken the business to date.
01. Where Did the Concept for TRACS Mobile First Originate From? 
The idea for TRACS Mobile came originally from our customers. They gathered a lot of very valuable data out in the yard, inspection sheds and warehouses using pen, paper and clipboards. It’s time consuming, error prone, paper is easily damaged, becomes illegible, handwriting is difficult to read – it really is crying out for a handheld mobile solution. 
02. Did the Lowered Cost of Mobile Devices Make This a More Accessible Option? 
The cost of handheld devices has fallen dramatically over the last couple of years. Ruggedized tablets and smartphones with built in high res cameras, GPS, RFID and barcode scanners have never been more affordable. TRACS Mobile runs on a wide range of iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices – anything from a $50 Kindle Fire up to a top end Atex Zone 1 & 2 tablet from the likes of Ecom Instruments. 
03. What Are the Key Benefits of Having Access to TRACS On A Mobile Device? 
There are real benefits to gathering valuable information in the field, at source, on handheld devices. But it’s not just about replacing pen and paper. You cannot put workflow on a piece of paper or clipboard, but you can on a mobile app. You can walk the user step-by-step through critical business processes, ensuring all the required information is gathered and validated before being sent to the back office system for analysis. 
04. What Does the Future Hold For TRACS Mobile? 
TRACS Mobile was developed using TaskMaster, the award winning platform from TBS Enterprise Mobility with whom we have a strong commercial and technical partnership. We see TRACS Mobile as the first of a whole suite of TRACS applications that we will take to the Energy Industry going forward.